Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Emboss Sheet

These are solid polycarbonate sheets with a texture on one surface. The purpose of texturing is to provide light diffusion and prevent see-through vision as deemed necessary for a variety of applications.

Sheets are available in clear and tints, usually in thickness ranging from 2mm upto 6mm. 2mm thick embossed polycarbonate sheets are the most commonly preferred material for industrial sky lighting after thermoforming the same into matched profiles.

The tiny embossed patterns not only enhances the look of the sheet but also its firmness and anti static function.


  1. High impact resistance
  2. Can easily undergo cold bending and hot moulding
  3. Because of limited oxygen index does not help in growing of fire.
  4. Easy to install and clean
  5. Available in rolls/sheet forms
  6. Variety of shades available
  7. They are UV resistant
  8. Provide a good level of sound insulation

Compact Polycarbonate Sheets

Approx Price: Rs 46 / Square Feet(s) 

These are solid polycarbonate sheets which are available in clear and tinted variants.

These sheets are generally chosen for applications where vision through the glazing medium is necessary.

These sheets are available in a range of thicknesses from 1.3mm to 8mm.

Our sheets are made from high quality raw materials which offer maximum levels of glazing performance and thus can be used in places where transparency along with tailor made light transmission is of vital importance.

Salient Features:


1. An excellent flammability rating and suitable for use in areas prone to fire
2. Can withstand extreme climatic conditions. They remain virtually unchanged between temperatures from -40 to 120oC
3. Possess exceptional impact resistance and are virtually unbreakable
4. There transparency can be compared to glass and can transmit light upto 90%.
5. Rainbow Solid sheets are completely UV protected and thus cut of 99.9% of harmful UV radiations.
6. They are light in weight and thus easy to store, handle and install.
7. These can be cold curved in both directions and thus can be installed over curved roofs
8. Available in variety of colours such as Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Opal White.
9. They have excellent sound insulation properties. The acoustic insulation coefficient increases with the thickness of the sheet.
10. Easy to ransport and install.
11. Can be curved along top edges and thus can be given any desired profile.


1. Manufacturing of safety security equipments such as Helmets screen, Baton and Riot shield

2. Manufacturing of sound screens with large glazing panels

3. Commercial, residential and other construction

4. Interior partitions

5. Outdoor signage boards

6. Sport stadium skylight

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

We are manufacturing and supplying a wide range of multiwall polycarbonate sheets, which are widely used in construction and allied industries.

Catering to the requirements of various industrial, commercial and residential segments, these flexible multiwall polycarbonate sheets are made of quality raw material procured from leading companies.

Multiwall sheets, as their name suggests are hollow or fluted polycarbonate sheets which have two thin walls separated by vertical ribs. The hollow air gap provides excellent thermal insulation property and the sheets are extremely light weight. The vertical ribs also provide superb rigidity to these sheets.

Multiwall sheets are a product of choice for atria, vaulted skylights, canopies, awnings and large skylight domes in commercial areas. These sheets provide excellent economic value for such applications.

Multiwall sheets are available in clear, tints AND OPAL white variants.

Our brand is internationally recognized for our reliability and cost-effectiveness. This particular range is notable for it’s resistance to corrosion, durability and exceptional finish.

These sheets have been processed with advanced technology and are perfect complements to the indoor and outdoor decor. Additionally, these sheets are extremely cost effective and have the following features:



  1. High impact resistance

  2. Both side UV Coated

  3. Easy to clean by the use of water

  4. Excellent light transmission along with thermal insulation and thus saves a lot of energy

  5. Light weight

  6. Available in a variety of shades

  7. High protection against daily wear and tear

  8. High resistance to temperature variations

  9. Easy to install

  10. Available in variety of thickness

  11. Available in clear, tints and opal white variants


  1. Plant/warehouse roofing

  2. Interior partitions

  3. Walkways, parks and entrances

  4. Parking lots, metro stations and other service stations

  5. Awnings for outdoor windows

  6. Swimming pool covers

  7. Green house covers

8. Pyramids and domes


Installation System

Rainbow multiwall versatile polycarbonate glazing system is advanced in design yet simple to install.

The sheets simply slot into an H – bar ready for fixing the structure. A two piece H – Bar is also available for increased flexibility.

The glazing bar system allows for thermal expansion and eliminates the need for penetrations through the sheet, hence the structure is 100% water tight.

Foot Over Bridge Polycarbonate Sheet

We feel proud to offer an exclusive array of Foot Over Bridge Polycarbonate Sheet. Our offered sheet is widely used for covering bridges, this sheet is provided in several sizes, colours and other such specifications to choose from.

The polycarbonate used in the manufacturing this sheet is quality tested and procure from the genuine vendors of the market. Also, this sheet is appreciated due to its remarkable features and customized options.




  • Withstand bad weather conditions
  • Rugged design
  • Resistance to UV rays
  • Allows light transmission upto 80%

Polycarbonate GreenHouse Sheet

We are one of the specialized manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets for green house coverings. Polycarbonate, is a rigid plastic that is almost as transparent as glass.

It is available in corrugated single layer or flat twin-wall thicknesses, and is easily cut and installed.

The air pockets between the two walls act as an insulator and light transmission is very good through this material.

It is in high demand because of features such as leak proof nature, crack resistance and accurate sizes. Also it is extremely strong and light weight.


Swimming Pool Covering Polycarbonate Sheets

Swimming pool polycarbonate sheet is one of its kind sheets. It has gained 100% success rate in the area where many of its like’s have failed. It is virtually unbreakable and making the entire area safe and secure. The swimming pool polycarbonate sheet comes packed with the following features:

  • Light transmission: 60%-82%
  • Impact Strength is eighty times of glass board, and isn't easily damaged during installation.
  • Anti-Ultraviolet Radiation with UV surface, polycarbonate sheet remains perfect mech anical and optical properties after long-time using.
  • Thermal Insulation: Attributing to its hollow structure, the polycarbonate sheet can reduce the energy consumption.
  • Sound insulation: Its hollow structure make the polycarbonate sheet perfect sound insulation.







Polycarbonate Domes

Polycarbonate is a hard, durable and versatile form of plastic widely used in construction.

It can be moulded into rounded shapes and is light and relatively inexpensive.

We provide a wide variety of polycarbonate domes.

These domes are aesthetically appealing for the building and provide abundant daylight. Thus they help in saving a lot of energy.

They can be tailor made as per client’s requirement and have a very easy installation procedure. Thus they serve dual purpose and are not heavy on the client’s pocket.

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