Puf Sandwich Panel

Clean Room Panels

Our clean rooms panel system can be installed as a production complex or a single room for either laboratories or hospitals and can include windows, air locks or pass through facilities. Advanced production technology ensures we meet the clients environmental requirements which can be totally flexible and expanded to at a later date if required.

Clean Rooms are used and required by:

• Pharmaceuticals
• Electronics
• Electrical engineering
• Food
• Optical Industry
• Hospitals
• Research institutes and laboratories

PUF Insulated Cold Room Hinged Door

Hinged doors for both freezer and cool store applications Rainbow Doors Team offers a top quality cold room and freezer doors at the best price, with a selection of the most competitive products thanks to their efficiency, quality and innovation.
The door construction and fittings are specially designed for the food industry and fulfil the environmental requirements of that industry as well as being able to withstand rough treatment.

Rooms with a temperature range between 0°C and -40°C are best locked with an OPI cold room door.
The door leaf panels are injected with high pressure polyurethane, leaf thickness up to 150mm, stainless steel finishes are available. The perfect insulation and sealing of the doors prevents the formation of ice and helps to constantly save energy. All doors have a smooth metal surface which can be easily and hygienically cleaned.

Hinged doors Types

  • For Normal and Medium Temperature 0C°/+15C° OPI Doors– 80 mm panel thickness
  • For low Temperature -5C°/ -25 C° OPI Doors– 100 mm panel thickness
  • For freezing Temperature -25C°/ -40 C° OPI Doors– 150 mm panel thicknes

Puf Cold Room Panels

Prefabricated sandwich panel with polyurethane insulation is the best solution for cold storage units. Formed in place with fire retardant polyurethane using high pressure, CFC-free and use of HCFC 141B technology which results in a superior insulation and construction material. These sandwich panels are design for a fast and easy cold room assembly. rAINBOW cold room sandwich panel comprises of two steel skin (Pre-painted Galvanized Iron Sheet – PPGI) that are bonded with high pressure injected polyurethane foam with tongue and groove joint system complete with cam-locking mechanism.

These give us the following advantages in cold room applications:

• Rigidly and good weatherproofing.
• Twice the insulation characteristics as polystyrene or other thinner insulation panels.
• Better transportability.
• More cold storage volume for a given space
• Ease and speed of cold storage unit installation


• Thin Walls
• Optimum Insulation Without Thermal Bridges
• Components Can Be Disassembled And Reused
• Hygienic For Food Preservation
• Odorless
• Long Life And Durable
• Resistant To Most Oils , Chemicals And Solvents
• Fire Resistant

Puf Refrigerated Vans

To meet the market’s requirements for efficient temperature control without skimping on quality, OPI insulated van fit outs, fit snugly around the interior of the load space to create a lightweight conversion that can increase payload capabilities without sacrificing temperature performance. By creating a box within a box design we have produced an extremely temperature efficient insulator which has achieved a superior
thermally efficient and smooth food-safe lining.

The internal lining has been created by bonding a layer of insulating foam to a layer of high specification plywood and then adding a layer of fiberglass. This gives a strong inner surface, being easy to clean; it is also extremely durable and therefore can still look good for
many years. So that our insulated conversions can withstand the constant loading and unloading process involved in daily distribution operations, we have developed a very strong insulated floor, with special insulated wheel boxes which are able to reduce the ingress of heat. OPI can be relied upon to insulate and refrigerate your van so you can transport your goods in a safe and true temperature-controlled environment.

A wide range of other optional extras is also available to provide you with the correct fit out for your operational needs. Dual compartments and shelving for example, can be configured to suit your load requirements, including height adjustable, folding and removable options. Pallet slides, compartment divisions and PVC curtains are other key areas that we can tailor to suit your needs.

The briefings of Rainbow Modular PUF Insulated Panels

  • Available in 60/80/100/125/150 and 200 mm thickness.
  • Available upto 1200mm in width and 4mtr,. In length and also in bigger length on special order.
  • The facing of the panels is 0.5mm thick pre coated GI sheets/Aluminium sheets and stainless steel sheets with PE film.
  • The core of panel is rigid foam which is formed by a controlled reaction between two ingredients that is an ISO cynate and a polyol.
  • Manufactured through high pressure injection trusses in automatic hydraulic press.
  • Injected polyurethane insulation average density 40kg per m3
  • The joint of the two panels is sealed with a bead of silicon.
  • High load bearing capacity at low weight.
  • Absolute water and vapour barrier.
  • Easy repair and replacement in case of damage.
  • High durability and very low maintenance cost.
  • Reasonably fire resistant.
  • Withstand heavy rain/heavy snow and high wind pressure.
  • Withstand extreme cold and hot weather.
  • Have low thermal conductivity which minimizes the rise and fall of the inside temperature.
  • Can be installed quickly and very convenient in shifting from one place to another place.
  • Provide energy efficient and environment friendly solution to building industry.

Puf Insulated Roofing Panel

Ideal way to insulate any home or industrial premises and give higher thermal resistance is to have it insulated through particular roof insulation material. It can give you multiple benefits including applying it over the roof as well as under roof insulation. The process of applying insulation material is comparatively easy as most of the housing roof as well as industrial ceilings have some access for caring insulation work.

We are offering wide range of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel that is manufactured from high quality of raw material and advanced technology. This sandwich panel is available in various designs and a range of attractive color to compliment them. Owning to its features, our offered range is highly cherished by our clients. It is tested on various predefined quality parameters to eradicate all quality flaws before its final supply to the clients. This is available in various specifications to meet the diverse needs of the clients at reasonable prices.

Rainbow PUF (Polyurethane foam) Insulated Panels have different types of skins such as Pre-coated Galvanized sheets, stainless steels, Sheets, Aluminum sheets, Plain Galvanized sheets e.t.c.

These panels are separate by rigid foam in place Polyurethane insulation, which adhered to interior of the skin layers providing increased structural strength. All panels have tongue and groove construction of Cam-Lock fastening systems consisting of hooked locking arms on one side
and end of panels connected by plastic hook to match log in pins on the other side of the panel.

These panels are conveniently assembled at site and the joining and disassembling of the Panels is done by using an Allen key.
Rainbow PUF panels are made upto Made in width upto 1200 mm and length

The key advantages of PUF (polyurethane) over conventional elastomers and plastics; it is stronger, tougher, more durable, and more versatile. It's valued above the parts made with other conventional materials which often crack, break, tear, swell, deteriorate, and abrade. As a result, they can interrupt and slow down your business operation.


1. High Insulation Value & PRODUCT safety
2. Excellent Weather properties.
3. Light Weight, yet inherent strong.
4. Termite proof Anti-mess/fungus, anti-corrosive, Resistance to fire, Detergents, Industrial liquids, Chemical solvents.
5. Bare minimum steel work hence very economical
6. Energy saving
7. Maintenance free
8. Easy to install
9. High load bearing capacity
10. Available in customized lengths
11. Excellent panel joining and sealing
12. High quality Galvanized steel outer shin hence very good life and durability


  • Food processing industry
  • Cold storage industry
  • Industrial sheds
  • Warehouses
  • IT Parks
  • Schools, hostels
  • Milk and dairy industry
  • Meat and poultry industry
  • Clean rooms
  • Fruit and vegetable storage
  • Site offices
  • Malls and commercial complexes

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