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PRE Painted Galvalume Sheet

Rainbow steel colour coated sheets are manufactured using using high-quality hot
metal made out of best-in-class and environment-friendly technology. During manufacture, products are treated with chemicals to enhance their paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. Epoxy / PU / Polyester / SMP / PVF2 resins are then applied by reverse coating technique and baked in a sophisticated computer-controlled oven. The result is a product which is highly resistant to corrosion, weathering and has excellent workability, durability and aesthetics. Products undergo stringent quality control tests to ensure performance in all-weather conditions.

Galvalume coating consists of Aluminium (55% in weight ratio), Zinc (43.5% in weight
ratio) and Silicon (1.5% in weight ratio). The Galvalume steel coating combines the
barrier corrosion protection of Aluminium with the sacrificial protection of Zinc, giving the
advantages of both the metals. Galvalume in bare as well as pre painted condition finds
wide application where high temperature resistance, heat reflectivity, flexibility,
formidability and corrosion resistance are required.


1. Excellent corrosion resistance
2. Resistance to peeing and flaking
3. Excellent formidability and design flexibility
4. Easy to install
5. Recyclable and environment friendly
6. Light weight but internally very strong
7. Extensive design options
8. Manufactured with a high precision pre painting process and adhering to stringent measures.
9. Prevents noise and provides quite roofing system, particularly when used in combination with appropriate insulation systems


1. Industrial roofing and cladding
2. Cold storages and warehouses
3. False ceiling, Interiors
4. Electrical control panels
5. Railway and bus coaches

    Pre painted Galvanized Sheet

    The strength of stainless steel is destroyed due to atmospheric air and moisture.
    In order to prevent steel from rusting a sacrificial protection of Zinc metal is
    given to it. Zinc sacrifices itself and thus protects the base metal. Galvanized
    steel is basically stainless steel with a coating of Zinc metal on it. With raw materialsprocured from our reliable and trusted vendors, these roofing sheets provide consistency in strength along and across the sheets, are dimensionally stable and have low thermal conductivity. Owing to the multiple properties, these sheets can be availed at reasonable rates.


    1. Anti corrosion
    2. Excellent surface finish ensuring superior paintability
    3. Strategically located plants to ensure timely delivery
    4. No tear off or wear off
    5. Light weight and easy to install
    6. Available at reasonable cost
    7. Resistant to pollution


    1. Construction – steel framing, false ceilings, sandwich
    2. panels, ducting, decking, purlin, HVAC applications
    3. White goods – refrigerators, deep freezers, washing
    4. machines, air coolers
    5. Automotive – auto internal components, bus bodies
    6. Furniture – office equipment
    7. Containers – grain silos, drums & barrels, crash guards

    Bare Galvalume Sheet

    Approx Price: Rs 310 / Square Meter(s) 
    We bring forth to our clients Bare Galvalume Roofing sheets. These sheets are very cost effective and are widely used in construction and building industry.
    The sheets have a metallic finish on the surface and can sizes can be custom made as per clients requirement.
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